Double Barrel RallyPoint Rye Whiskey


Uncut.  Unfiltered.  This spirit is the essence of StilL 630 in a bottle.

Double Barrel RallyPoint was the first in our Rare Release Barrel Series;  which is our series of exceptional quality releases.

Double Barrel starts life as one of our flagship RallyPoint single barrels.  Sometimes a barrel is so special, that its destined for something greater.  When I find a barrel like this, I set aside 15 gallons and give it a secondary aging (hence: double barrel) in a brand new, charred 15-gallon American oak barrel.  It sits in this second barrel for as long as necessary (usually around nine months) to slowly pick up the intense new oak flavors and strengthen the already delicious rye notes and complexity.

A little over 3 and a half years old, not only is this the oldest spirit that we’ve yet released, but it is also the strongest as we’ve left it at cask strength, which varies (Batch I: 119.4; Batch II: 121.2; Batch III: 123.04 proof).  The two new barrels plus the extra time allow the spirit to develop some truly intense and incredible flavors that make it worthy of the honor of launching our Rare Release Barrel Series!  


2016 ACSA Best In Class – Whiskey

BATCH III: (Release: 6/30/17)
199 bottles
123.04 Proof

BATCH II: (Released: 12/16/16, SOLD OUT 12/23/16)
396 bottles
121.2 Proof

BATCH I: (Released: 12/30/15, SOLD OUT 3/7/16)
258 bottles
119.4 Proof
*Available in distillery only*


UPDATE 3/4/17:

Double Barrel wins another Gold Medal from the American Distilling Institute in their 2017 Spirit Judging Competition!!

UPDATE 3/5/16:

We knew Double Barrel was good, but the American Craft Spirits Association’s judges just awarded it a GOLD medal!  AND then went further by naming it “Best of Category – RYE WHISKEY”!!  Which was insane.  They thought it was the BEST rye whiskey in the entire country!!

But then it got ridiculous…  The blind and impartial judges named it “BEST IN CLASS – WHISKEY”!  We cannot stress enough what a prestigious honor this is and how incredibly flattered we are!  So if you were smart enough to get a bottle before they sold out, enjoy the Best Craft Whiskey in America!