RallyPoint Rye Maple Sunset

maple sunset.jpg

UPDATE: Batch 5 is currently aging!

  • Rye Whiskey

  • 375ml, 90 Proof

  • Double Distilled

ACSA 2015 Gold Winner!

ACSA 2016 Silver Winner!

ADI 2016 Bronze Winner!

ADI 2017 Silver Winner!

ACSA 2017 Gold Winner!

Started life as a single barrel of RallyPoint Rye Whiskey, aging in a new Missouri Oak barrel. Finished to perfection in an ex-bourbon, ex-maple syrup barrel

Tasting Notes:

Notes of maple, holiday spices, and toasted oak on the nose.  The initial taste is that of the traditional RallyPoint Rye Whiskey: caramel, earthy rye spice, and dark fruit.  But as it rolls off the back of your tongue, you notice the 90 proof strength is softened by a creaminess; there are delicate traces of nutty bourbon and a distinctly pleasurable lingering smooth finish of maple syrup.

The Story Behind The Spirit:

RallyPoint Maple Sunset is an extremely rare and limited-edition spirit.

Other people may add flavoring to achieve a desired result.  But that’s not our style.  This unique spirit was born the hard way, with time leading to full maturation.  The story of this spirit is as much about the barrel itself as the RallyPoint Rye Whiskey that went into it.

 Single Barrel RallyPoint Rye Whiskey


This whiskey started life being distilled twice, then aging in a charred American Oak barrel from right here in Missouri.  At this point, it was well on it’s way to becoming another standout Single Barrel of our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey.  We intentionally select a barrel that has special traits and ideal flavors to compliment the finishing barrel.  But this particular spirit is destined for something more…


This special barrel we use to add delicious flavors and nuance to our RallyPoint changes from batch to batch.  However, we always use an old bourbon barrel that was used a second time to age actual maple syrup.  When it is emptied after this second fill, we get our hands on it and fill it with a hand-chosen matured RallyPoint.  Time alone dictates the length of maturation in the finishing barrel.  It’s not ready until all the flavors achieve harmony and compliment each other.


Originally a 4 Roses Bourbon barrel, filled with maple syrup by The Wine & Cheese Place and when emptied again, given to us.  We used that barrel to finish a great batch of our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey.  Entered into the finishing barrel on Christmas Eve, 2016, for ten long months that rye whiskey slowly absorbed and mingled with the residual bourbon and maple syrup flavors.  Finally ready, it was released at our First Friday event in October.


This batch is slightly different.  The original barrel was a Knob Creek bourbon barrel, but then it was filled with local maple syrup from Such & Such Farms (an awesome local farm that produces some of the best produce in the midwest!).  When they were done, we got the barrel and promptly filled it again with a great Single Barrel of RallyPoint in there to soak up those flavors.  Over a year it spent maturing in that barrel until it had developed a flavor we thought was finally worthy of the name Maple Sunset.


In 2014, Paul Hayden again went to visit another great Kentucky distillery, this time it was the Four Roses Distillery and he hand selected a single barrel of bourbon, had it bottled and offered it for sale at TWCP.  Then he again filled it full of organic Vermont Maple Syrup and retailed batch 4 of his “Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup” as he gave the barrel to us.  We finished a delicious Single Barrel of RallyPoint in there and were thrilled to release a second batch of Maple Sunset at 630 Day 2015!

Batch 1 Barrel Knob Creek/Sweet Sophie

Batch 1:  (SOLD OUT)

In 2013, Paul Hayden, owner of the The Wine & Cheese Place in Clayton, MO, went to visit the Jim Beam Distillery where they make their Knob Creek Bourbon.  He hand selected a single barrel of bourbon, had it bottled and offered it for sale at TWCP.  When you buy an entire barrel, you get to keep the empty barrel itself.  So he did what any half-mad, half-genius would do: filled it full of organic Vermont Maple Syrup.  After time, he bottled it up and now retails his “Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup”.

Then he gave the barrel to me.

Naturally, I promptly filled it with that single barrel of RallyPoint and let it mature for almost 7 long months.  From winter, to spring and into summer, the whiskey evolved in the barrel, and there was much rejoicing.  Soaking into and out of the wood, it picked up amazing notes of bourbon and maple syrup.  The tastes were sharp at first, but over time, the spirit matured into the delicious form it boasts today.  

So just like a great sunset, it gives a smooth, sweet finish to a perfect day.