July 2019

Happy July Everyone!

Hello friends, can't believe it's already July!  We're pumped because we have a ton of awesome stuff happening the rest of the year.  We just had another great StilL 630 Day and we saw many of you there, which was awesome, but if you weren't able to make it, then let us share some of the announcements with you here.

Have a wonderful 4th of July and we'll see you at the First Friday event on Friday!

Bees Knees is in full release!

Our delicious and crush-able Bee's Knees canned cocktails are now officially on the market and available at the distillery and your finer retail stores around town!  At 8% abv, they are cool, refreshing and perfect for backyards and patios, camping, boating, etc... In fact, they pair perfectly with fireworks, so grab a couple four packs for the 4th!

BOTTLED IN BOND SS Sorghum Whiskey

At StilL 630 Day, we also released our first ever Bottled-in-Bond spirit: S.S. Sorghum Whiskey.  That's right, it's finally back!  At 4 years old and 100 proof, this whiskey is a wonderful blend of rum-like sweetness with whiskey backbone.  Of course it's smooth and sip-able with some nice spice notes.  It's available at the distillery and around town for a limited time.

First Friday is This Friday!

It's a new month, which means another First Friday experimental release, and of course while we're all in the mood celebrating this great nation, we figured we should theme this quarter around America's native spirit: BOURBON!  So join us this Friday July 5th from 5-9pm for more incredible cocktails from your favorite Librarians and at 6:30pm we'll kick off Year 3 of the Experimental Spirits Program with X-25! As well as a specialty spirit release. See next section for more information!!

Moon Walker Whiskey Release

As we said, we have a lot of exciting stuff coming out the rest of the year, and when we have another spirit release, we do them on First Fridays... so this First Friday, you're in for a treat as we also release our next Brewery Collaboration Series spirit: Moon Walker Whiskey!  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Man's second greatest achievement: walking on the Moon (the 1st obviously being distillation!), we partnered up with our friends at LogBoat Brewing in Columbia, MO to make a very special whiskey.  We took their Dark Matter beer (wheat porter), distilled it, aged it, and turned it into Moon Walker whiskey.  The sweet wheat flavor plays wonderfully with the vanillans from the barrel, notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee make this whiskey out of this world.  

Upcoming Event Alert

Since we specifically made this whiskey in honor of the moon landing, we are partnering with the STL Science Center to do a public tasting on the actual anniversary: July 20th.  Join us at the Science Center, which is an official NASA hosting site, as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of humanity!

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