First Fridays

We’re releasing one new experimental spirit per month for FIVE YEARS.

***UPDATE 3/15/21: TWO Experimentals being released in April!  Each release has two Fridays (one outdoor, one indoor).  Read on!

We are adjusting our Experimental Releases in an effort to get back to our original format.  So starting in April, we will have a "Tailgate Party" (NO reservation required, cocktails at the window, samples at the table, bring your friends, chairs, food, etc and have fun!) for X-41 on 4/2/21 and for X-42 on 4/16/21.  

Then, the following weekend (X-41: 4/9/21; X-42: 4/23/21), we'll offer our more intimate (Reservation Required) indoor Experimental Release like we've been doing the last few months.  Three seatings, 5pm, 6:30pm, 8pm... same great cocktails and experimental release, just indoors and very limited seating.  Again, for the indoor option:  One night, three identical sessions per night, limit 16 people per session, RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!  

$10 per reservation for Indoor Seatings (4/9/21 & 4/23/21) and it'll be refunded to you at the door when you arrive, simply just to reserve your spot.

Same awesome new experimental spirits experience, same brand new delicious cocktails each month!***

Come out to the distillery on the First Friday of each month to taste the newest release in our Experimental Spirits Program!  This is our journey to find the most amazing recipes of the future.  We’re searching for incredible mash bills for single malt, wheat whiskey, brandy, tequila, smoked whiskey, barrel-aged gin, bourbon, rum, etc.  But we need YOUR help to determine what is awesome and what is merely good.  All in 200ml bottles.  100 Proof.  $20/ea.

First Friday of the month.  Brand new cocktail menu each month.  FREE Experimental Sample.  ONLY at StilL 630 Distillery.  

Come taste the newest release and pick up bottles to take home and delve into. Then give us your feedback in person or on our short Facebook survey:

We need YOU to help us determine what the future of Craft Spirits will taste like!

StilL 630 Distillery
1000 S 4th St
St. Louis, MO 63104

COST: Free

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