Private Single Barrels

Looking for a completely unique gift for yourself, your friends, or family? Of course you are. You work hard.

You’ve been doing all the right things in life, grinding it out, making sacrifices so that you can achieve your goals and you deserve something special. So now it’s time to do something for you. And you like whiskey. You love to have a good time and you appreciate those great evenings with your friends, swapping stories and making new memories. So buy a single barrel of whiskey from StilL 630. Because all barrels mature in their own unique way, you get a final whiskey that is just like YOU. Literally one-of-a-kind, never again to be duplicated! Your very own whiskey.

How It Works:
You (and your group) get to come into the distillery for a private tour, where you will learn the entire distilling process and how regular grain turns into that special spirit. At the end of the tour, you will be presented with three individual barrels. From these barrels, we will taste samples. Comparing notes on the nose, color, mouth feel, finish, and overall taste. Then we’ll add some water and do it again. Ultimately, you will select your very own individual barrel!
Your barrel will then be bottled, labeled, and ready to go home with you. You also get to keep your (now-empty) whiskey barrel!


How Long Does It Take:
It’s your barrel, so it’s completely up to you! You can choose to either receive your barrel right away (accepting that it takes at least a few weeks to obtain labels and finish bottling) or plan to continue aging it for a pre-determined amount of time. (Understand that there is a small barrel storage fee to continue aging it.)

How Much Does It Cost:
The price for a single barrel your very own custom barrel of StilL 630 Whiskey starts at $7,500. For that you get about TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE bottles of YOUR VERY OWN UNIQUE WHISKEY! (that is a rough estimate, many barrels yield more – at barrel strength, but as the bottle proof goes down, total bottle yield goes up!) This cost includes standard labels but for a little more we can do custom engraved artwork directly on the bottles to proclaim it as uniquely yours!


How Much Can I Personalize It:
Very much! You get to use the classic StilL 630 whiskey bottle and label format. And you get to name your whiskey yourself (ex: “Retirement Rye”, “Weglarz Wedding 10/10/10”, “Galactic Conquistador Dave”… whatever you want! And best of all, you can work with us to develop the artwork on your own whiskey bottles! Want your face on the front of the bottle? Picture of a beloved pet or other awesome picture? As long as it meets Government standards for label approval, you can pretty much personalize it as much as you want! Are you clever or have some meaningful words of wisdom? Good, because you’ll be free to add your own romance copy on the back label. The limit is your imagination!

What Proof Will My Whiskey Be:
It’s standard protocol for your barrel of whiskey to be bottled at cask strength, meaning the proof that it is in the barrel, which is typically 116-124 Proof (58-62% alc/vol). However, you have the option to choose a different (lower) proof – keep in mind, as proof goes down, total bottle number goes up.

How Much Do I Get:
A standard 2-3yr old 53gallon whiskey barrel will yield roughly 225 bottles of cask strength whiskey. Each barrel is unique so the yield will vary because every barrel loses volume each year due to evaporation. This is known as the “Angel’s Share.” (And those greedy angels take about 6% per year!) You also get to take home your whiskey barrel (after all, it’s yours!) and you can sign it and display it, turn it into furniture, or generally do whatever you want with it!

Who Should Do It:
Anyone who loves whiskey and is looking for a completely unique gift for themselves or others. Maybe you’re planning on retirement and want your own barrel of whiskey waiting for you. Or you’re getting married and want a special gift for all your guests. You have a great group of friends who want to share a cool experience. Or maybe you just love whiskey and have tried everything else and are ready to get your very own barrel of whiskey! No matter who you are, it’s a phenomenal experience which you will be able to relive and enjoy years to come. It’s the gift of a lifetime, so give it to the person who deserves it most: you!

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