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The first ever Still630 Preorder Event!

Confluence American Gin was named the BEST CRAFT GIN IN THE COUNTRY by the 2023 International Spirits Competition hosted by the American Distilling Institute. In celebration, we’re launching a special campaign to celebrate Confluence and all things gin at Still 630! There are three special discounted bundles that allow you to get as nerdy about gin as you want (see below for more details!), plus discounts on bottles! We're also excited to announce that we can now ship directly to customers in MO in select other US states, so you can still participate even if you don't have time to make the trip to our St. Louis distillery! See our shipping section for more information.
Confluence Gin Bottle

Gin Bundles

We have crafted three bundles that highlight our award winning gins and give you the tools you need to craft crowd pleasing gin forward cocktails. Each bundle is discounted significantly from the MSRP of the included products, and some bundles offer items available nowhere else! Every order can be picked up at Still 630 Day on June 24th, picked up later at the distillery, or shipped directly to your home (see shipping section for more details).

The Still 630 Gin Collection

Not sure which bundle to choose? Interested in addition additional bottles to your order? Read on to learn more about the Still 630 Gin collection!

Confluence American Gin
Confluence American Gin Bottle

Martinis. Bloody Marys. Red Snappers. Gin & Tonics. Gimlets. This is the gin you've been searching for!

Confluence American Gin was built to portray a sense of place and communicate it through this gin to celebrate the confluences in our own lives. Near the distillery is the 'Horseradish Capital of the World,' so using our peerless Botanical Library, we set out to build an herbal and savory gin to showcase this unique local botanical. Building off a base of juniper and coriander, we added horseradish, then pink peppercorns and galangal root to bolster the citrus and savory body while adding a touch of peppery spice. The result is a truly amazing gin that is perfect on the rocks with a twist of lemon or in all your favorite gin cocktails!

Tasting Notes: Cool, refreshing juniper mingles with light horseradish and warm pink peppercorns on the nose. The coriander and galangal root provide juiciness to beautifully balance the warm heat and tang of the peppercorns and horseradish on the palate with a touch of peppery spice.

Volstead's Folly
Volstead's Folly Bottle

In dubious honor of the infamous Andrew Volstead, the Father of Prohibition, we proudly present this American Gin. Juniper forward, with sweet elderberry and bold pine and sage flavor, rounded out with citrus and warm spice notes. Exquisitely balanced, this gin is different than that made under the stuffy monarchy we rightly left behind all those years ago. This is an American Gin with no apologies. The kind of gin you’d expect from a craft distillery founded on stellar whiskey and rum. It’s balanced enough to sip alone and also shine in any cocktail. This is the gin for people who like drinking.

The artwork is intended to represent rebel graffiti on a government poster by an unknown moonshiner during Prohibition. We used an actual historical photo of old Andy (courtesy of the Library of Congress). I like to think V would’ve approved…

Tasting Notes: Juniper forward, nose of sage, elderberries, lemongrass, and pine. Slight ginger spice on the palate over piney sage with fennel notes. On the finish cardamom spice and cubeb peppers emerge. Very botanical, extremely unique gin.

American Navy Strength Gin

The second offering in our gin lineup and we intentionally wanted to craft something very different than Volstead's Folly, but that was unique, bold, and delicious in its own right.  We created a gin that showcases some of our favorite botanical flavors: lemon-pepper citrus with a beautiful floral note.

Navy Strength gins are typically 110-114 proof, but we set out to put the AMERICAN in American Navy Strength so we knew we had to make it stronger and better than the rest, which is partly why we settled on 120 proof. We are proud to say that although this gin's flavor and proof dominate the world's ocean of gin, it drinks much easier than expected, making it sippable on its own while also being extremely versatile in cocktails.

Tasting Notes: Lemon-pepper citrus with light floral nose. The palate showcases earthy tropical citrus with lighter chamomile notes. Surprisingly smooth finish with the high proof being countered by the warm black pepper.

Year 2 Quarter 3 Experimental Boxed Set

This collection of gins from our experimental spirits series includes three totally different botanical recipes for Barrel-Aged Gins:

  • X-19: BARREL AGED GIN RECIPE D-1 - Aged on chips imbued with Rally Point Rye Whiskey. Tasting Notes: "Take the Black" juniper, coriander, black mission figs, black walnuts, black cardamom, smoked black peppercorns
  • X-20: BARREL AGED GIN RECIPE E-3 - Aged on oak chips. Tasting Notes: "Bright Citrus" juniper, coriander, ginger root, lemon peels, calendula petals, pineapple
  • X-21: BARREL AGED GIN RECIPE I-6 - Aged on oak chips. Tasting Notes: "Holiday Spice" juniper, coriander, galangal root, orange peel, cinnamon, earl grey tea, anise seeds, szechuan peppercorns
Year 4 Quarter 4  Experimental Boxed Set

This collection of gins from our experimental spirits series includes three gin styles that are very popular in the rest of the world!

    • X-46: Old Tom Gin - Tasting Notes: light citrus, sweet licorice, hints of lemon and barley.
    • X-47: Genever - Tasting Notes: cardamom, nutmeg, with soft white pepper and hints of apple & walnuts
    • X-48: Sloe Gin - Tasting Notes: light, sweet honey drizzled sloe berries
Exclusive 6 Bottle Confluence Precursor Kit

Only available as part of the Mixologist Kit bundle, these six gins in 50ml bottles present confluence in its component parts. Each vial contains one individually distilled botanical that comprises Confluence American Gin so you can enjoy the building blocks individually.  You get Juniper, Coriander, Horseradish, Pink Peppercorn, and Galangal Root.  Plus, a special 6th bottle that is Confluence gin UNFILTERED!

Confluence Gin in the Media

StilL 630’s Confluence American Gin named “Best Craft Gin in the Country” by the American Distilling Institute
~St. Louis Magazine
Want a Taste of the Country’s Best Gin? You Can Only Get It in St. Louis
~Explore St. Louis
'Mad Scientist' conjures up spirits at downtown distillery
The World’s Top Craft Gins 2023 American Distilling Institute Judging
2023 International Spirits Competition Awards: Best of Class in Distilled Spirits
~USA Today

Order Pickup & Shipping

There are two ways to receive your orders from this preorder event. The first is to pick up your order directly from our St. Louis, MO distillery. We will have all pickup orders ready to go on Wednesday, Ju;y 5th, but if you purchase tickets to 630 Day on Saturday, June 24th, you will be able to pick up your order a week early!

The other way to receive your orders is to have it shipped to you! We are excited to offer UPS Ground shipping within the US where legally allowed. Currently, we can ship to addresses in Missouri, Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Washington, DC. If you live in another state, contact your state legislators and let them know that you want direct to consumer shipping of spirits to be legal in your state!

If you live in one of the states to which we can ship and choose to have your order shipped, you'll see a precise shipping quote for your specific address. Unfortunately, shipping costs are often quite high these days, in particular for goods that require an adult signature. However, we're excited to be able to offer free shipping on orders over $200! These orders are big enough that we'll cover the costs for you.



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